Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How strong is the Human Bone?

It is a known fact that adult human body has 206 bones and infant has 270 bones, but do you know how strong our bone is? Here we will discuss some of the interesting fact about the strength of human bones. before discussing the fact, let us know some basic information about bones and the video below will guide you.

We will use a parameter called "Tensile strength" and using this we will compare the strength of the human bone with that of gigantic structures. So before comparing, let us know about the parameter called "Tensile Strength" and it is defined as the resistance of a material to a force tending to tear it apart, measured as the maximum tension the material can withstand without tearing.Tensile strength is measured in Mega Pascals (Mpa).

The ultimate tensile strength of a concrete is 3MPa. So what will be the tensile strength of a human bone? It is more than 40 times than that of the concrete and the ultimate tensile strength of a human bone is 130 MPa. So we can say that Human Bone is 40 times more stress resistant than concrete.

Now let us conclude this discussion with an example. Now let us consider a bone, in the size of a match box and it is believed that it can support weight up to 9 tonnes.At the same time, when we replace it with concrete, then concrete can support only 2.25 tonnes. So Human bones are 4.5 times stronger than that of concrete.Here is another video, which discusses about the strength of a human bone.

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