Friday, March 5, 2010

How to check the purity of honey?

Everyone in this world would like to taste the natural honey and many consider this natural honey as the best when it comes to sweets and we can also say honey has multiple uses, which gives more credit to it. But at the same time in this fast world, we are not sure that the honey which we buy in the market is pure or not, because of adulteration and this might be a worrying factor for us, because we can't taste the pure honey and moreover we are not in a position to even find the honey is pure or not.

But even though honey is adulterated, we have a solution to test its purity. So here are some steps which helps you to differentiate the pure honey from the adulterated.

How to check the purity of honey?

1) Take a glass of water

2) Mix a table spoon of honey in the water which you want to test for purity

3) Now, shake the glass. Make sure you don’t stir, but shake the glass.

4) Suppose if the honey gets completely dissolved in the water, then we can confirm that it is not the original pure honey and it is the adulterated one.

5) If it doesn’t get dissolve and stays as a mass, then it indicates that the honey you bought is a pure honey and enjoys the taste of pure honey.

So next time when you buy a bottle of honey, I believe you can spend a couple of minutes to check the purity of the honey and let me hope that it is pure but in case if the result is negative, then you have an option of changing the shop, from where you bought the honey. Hope you got some idea about the topic.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Two Brothers Share One Wife - Superstitious in the name of culture

Two Brothers Share One Wife - Strange and unbelievable - but true fact

We would have heard about stories, that Panchali had 5 husbands,( The Pandav brothers), but hardly we believe this and even though we believe these stories, we are very clear that this is not our culture. But you will be amazed to know the fact that families in Himachal Pradesh, India. still follow this tradition. The video clearly explains the situation and it clearly explains that these are extreme superstitious in the name of culture and tradition. Shocking indeed to watch this, but still it happens in this part of the world.More worse is that, this trend likely to be continued with their future generations. Give your verdict, about this strange belief.

Two Brothers Share One Wife - Superstitious in the name of culture