Friday, January 14, 2011

How Google Works?- How Search Engine Works? Working of Google in a simplified and clear way

How Google works will be a very big questions for most of you who would have used the most powerful search engine in the world, Google. The actual process might be a very complex one, but in simple, the logic behind the search engine's operation is quite easy to understand.

So let us understand this concept in a very simple way, which I guess will be helpful for you to understand the process How Google Works

Step 1:  User enters the words to be searched in Google.Let  us consider for an example, the user type in Google, How Google Works, and this forms the keyword/query by the user,

Step 2: Then this "Keyword" is send as a request to the backend. So in this case, we consider the keyword as How Google Works,  and this keyword/query is send to the backed/database of Google, as a request from the user.

Step 3:

This search engine process takes place with help of so called Web Crawler, and in the case of Google the web crawler's name is Googlebot. So Google bot finds the relevant pages in their database,and it will returns millions of pages related to the key word How Google Works,  in our example. Just imagine the speed at which it works, and this process takes place simultaneously and also parallelly in different servers all over the world, to avoid collision in search.

Next the Googlebot will give the result of full text of pages to the indexer.Next process is very interesting, with the help of the pages which it gets from Googlebot spider, now it will find the links present in those search pages and this process continues further till it gets a millions of pages, which can be called as searching Google's index of pages.

Step 4: 
Now next is determining the ranking of most relevant pages and listing them in top results, which is the ultimate goal of Google, which satisfies the user who uses Google Search Engine.In our example, we use the keyword How Google Works and if you type this keyword in Google, you will expect pages with very good information at the first pages itself, so that it satisfies your search. So how Google ranks this page and list them in order in the Search Engine Results Page(SERP)?

1) Key Words: If the keyword is used many times in your webpage, i.e mostly in the title, url and few places in the content, then the chances of your site appearing in top search results is very bright. But many spam activities takes place, like many users stuff the keyword many times unwanted in their content and some even use the invisible keyword( i.e stuffing the keyword to the background color). They do this, because, the spider compares the requested keyword, with the html of your web content and think they can easily cheat the robotic crawlers.But the spiders/crawlers/Googlebot is programmed effectively to overcome this spamming activities. These kind of activities will fall under black hat techniques in SEO(Search Engine Optimizing)

2) Page Rank Algorithm: Each search Engine follows different algorithm to determine the top results.Google uses a specific algorithm called Page Rank(Named after Larry Page,co - founder of Google).According to this algorithm priority will be given to those sites, which has many links from other sites linking to their sites and the page rank will be higher to them( Max page rank is 10).This links is called as backlinks.

Hope this information helps you to understand the process how Google works and here is the video explanation about this topic.